Add or Remove Users

Account Administration Details Page

User accounts are managed from the Account Administration Details Page. It contains the following:

  • Account Name and Description – editable by admin
  • Account Users – email, status and last login
  • User Invite Function – requires name and email
  • User Permissions – Admin, User or Viewer
  • Default Settings – for Risk Level, Maturity Level and Assessment Methodology


Navigate to the Account Administration Details Page from your Main Accounts Page (see below).

Dashboard Main Accounts Page – Showing two accounts (data sets), each with their own unique Owners/Admins. This user is not an Admin on either account, but has user permissions to access both.

Account Administration Icon Functions

Account Administration Icon – Takes users to the Account Admin Page

Click on the Account Administration Icon to get to the Account Administration Details Page (see icon above).

Contact/Email Admin Icon

If the Account Admin icon is not present, and instead you see the Contact/Email Admin icon, it means that you are not the owner/admin of the account. The Contact/Email Admin icon will allow you to email the owner/admin to request access changes to your account.

Account Admin Page

Add/Invite Users

Click the “Invite User” tab at the top of the Account Administration Details Page. You will be prompted to add an email, first and last name.

Upon submission, the user will receive an email prompting them to create an account. Once the new user has logged-in, the admin can change the user’s roles/permissions associated with the new account by clicking on the role name and selecting from the dropdown menu that appears.

User Permissions Tab with Drop-Down Role Selection

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