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Global Insights – Supply Chain transparency can reveal where expert compliance assistance and standardization is most needed, and where remediation planning could significantly mitigate risk.

Robust Reporting/Roll-Ups – Near real-time aggregated scores deliver supply chain-wide visibility with tunable granularity all the way down to individual security controls if desired.

Secure Linking – Share cybersecurity assessments with stakeholders and trusted third parties: IT Service Providers, Security Consultants, Government Contracting Officers, Procurement Managers, Prime Contractors or Insurance Providers.

Integrated POA&M – Full-featured project management functionality includes task assignments, notifications, customizable approver lists, interim solutions, direct mapping to one or more requirements, and automatic assessment status updates.

A Clear Path Forward for Employees and Supply Chain Members At All Levels – From implementers of basic cyber-hygiene to progressive security practitioners, the Dashboard helps manage your company’s growth toward cybersecurity maturity.

Detailed Artifact/Documentation – Turns oversight into an opportunity to buttress compliance and provide solid risk management assistance to supply chain members.

Enterprise-Wide Improvements in Risk Awareness – Intuitive interface, embedded just-in-time training, deciphered security control details, enhanced best practices in plain language, task assignments, and curated in-tool references shift the risk management process outside the walls of IT and into an all-of-company approach.

Policy Alignment – Nine adaptable and customizable Cybersecurity Policy Templates to create consistency and harmonize policies across the supply chain.

In-Tool 3rd Party Assessment & Certification – Manage the entire process from assessment to certification through MOUs, task assignment, comments/recommendations/feedback, internal signoffs, and scoring/verification.Speeds Initial Assessment – 9 Customizable Cybersecurity Policy Templates including POAM

Useful for Every Security Level – Implementers of first-time basic cyber-hygiene to progressive security practitioners – the Dashboard helps businesses create a clear path forward.

Manage Flow-Downs from Multiple Primes – Easily identify and address potentially conflicting compliance requirements.

Speeds Initial Assessment – 9 Customizable Cybersecurity Policy Templates including POAM

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